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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tv meaning in tamil is television என்ற சொல்லின் சுருக்கம்.

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Chinese President Hu Jintao has reiterated Chinas strong commitment to peaceful development in his New Year address broadcast on Saturday to domestic and overseas audience via state TV and radio stations. SNTV the worlds only dedicated sports news TV agency which reaches 850 million people worldwide will be running highlights of the Chennai Open everyday. One can opt for a cash discount or get freebies like a DVD player with a large screen TV set or free set of utensils with a microwave oven. The TV news channels reported the episode with a nonchalant attitude and no channel bothered to even check on those three brave men who tried to resist the goons only to face death one by one. The involvement of celebrities ensured slots on primetime TV and the attention of popular newspapers and reached an entirely new constituency. To identify the players in the action with the sticks will not be difficult from the footage available with the TV networks. Take for instance the entire stretch from Pitampura TV Tower to Madhuban Chowk en route Kohat Enclave and into Sectors 7 and 8 of Rohini. Blogeshwaran takes a TV channel to task thus Within a few hours of the attack loudly proclaimed that there has been an intelligence failure. 87 2 A live TV is broadcast in Israel 34 3 Hold in the highest regard one coming out of trance 6 4 Hit the nose. A TV channel on Monday shot him ringing up Home Secretary H.C. Shirohi and directing him to shift the prisoner to a hospital and allow him to meet visitors and provide him with all facilities stressing that he happened to be handicapped.