tub meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tub meaning in tamil is தொட்டி

tub meaning in tamil with example

tub tamil meaning and more example for tub will be given in tamil.
Surya while playing in his house on South Kulakarai Street Tambaram fell into a tub filled with hot water last week. The cylinder should not be placed inverted over a tub of water as liquid petroleum would flow out and could be more hazardous. A huge tub has also been made for the elephants to lie down for bathing said an official of the Devaswom. Broad steps will also be constructed for the tub so that the elephants can comfortably step into the tub he said. Due to a sudden burst in the water pipeline leading to Tirupur from Bhavani the concrete lid of a tub blew off and fell on a boy killing him on the spot. Heavy pressure The gate valve of the pipeline kept inside a concrete tub covered with concrete slab burst because of heavy pressure of water. When Gopanna Bhadrachala Ramadas was engaged in honouring the devotees assembled for worshipping Lord Rama in his house his child drowned in a tub of hot gruel kept outside the house. In the melee some persons stepped into and overturned a large tub containing boiling water kept for a ritual. Lujo Bath Solutions have contemporary tales in every piece of their shower room offer be it the Jacuzzi tub or acrylic or toughened glass bath cubicles with multiflow technology.