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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tsar meaning in tamil is வரலாறு) சோவியத் ரூசியாவின் சார்மன்னர்

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The Government weakened after losing a referendum in November faces a crisis after allegations by the former anticorruption tsar John Githongo that the VicePresident and three Ministers plotted to siphon off public funds. SRIHARIKOTA PLATE Div I 1400 m rated 10 to 25 Arabian Tiger Portroe Tsar Maiden 59 cd 57.5 Vijay Kumar 1 Mauritius Star 59 I.Chisty 2 Pentium Four 60 Chandrashekar 3 and King Athlete 53 Jagadeesh 4. This is ironic because haemophilia was once considered a royal disease. A Russian Tsar had died of it and Queen Victoria was a carrier of the disease. Philip is a direct descendant of Tsarina Alexandra who died alongside her husband Tsar Nicholas II and their children in the Reuters report A prince celebrated Newscape June 2 2006. 9 20 Strengthen peril into 8 x 5 7 22 One tsar confounded by gross betrayal 7 24 Retax crooked characters more 5 25 A Greek letter 5 26 Achievement however you look at it. 5.NAGARAHORE PLATE 1600 m rated 60 above Sharp N Smart Dont Forget Me Tsar Maiden 52.5 Gnaneshwar 1 Discman 53.5 Rathod 2 Viva Candy 59 Jagadeesh 3 and Sasken 51.5 Appu 4. Boris Yeltsin was the first Russian leader to be celebrated here since Tsar Alexander III in 1894 one reason being that the cathedral ceased to exist after being blown up by Stalin in 1933 and replaced by a swimming pool.