trunk meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trunk meaning in tamil is பயணப்பெட்டி

trunk meaning in tamil with example

trunk tamil meaning and more example for trunk will be given in tamil.
The bank has suggested improvements to water treatment plants and repairs of transmission mains and pumping machinery in Kollam and rejuvenation of trunk water transmissions in Kochi and transmission mains and pumping machinery in Thrissur. They said contractors were ready to offer 60 to 70 per cent more than the upset price fixed by the administration especially for the Chennai New Delhi Tamil Nadu and Grant Trunk Expresses. It was late in the evening that a trunk was brought to the parcel room for transportation to Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh by Swarnajayanthi Express which is scheduled to leave the city on Wednesday. A clicking sound from within the trunk sparked suspicion among the officials who immediately alerted the Mysore City Police. Entry into the railway station was barred for the public and a portion of the railway station where the trunk was buried in a sand dune cordoned off. For example STD trunk booking code is 1580 STD trunk assistance is 1581 ISD trunk booking is 1586 and ISD trunk assistance is 1587. Instead there was the trunk of a plantain erected in front of the stage and three torch sticks fixed into it for the chief guest to torch it to mark the formal opening of the exhibition. Shanmughanathan sustained injuries in an accident on Grand Southern Trunk Road at Pazhaveli near Chengalpattu on Tuesday. Police said Selvaraj of Kumbakonam owned a van which he operated as a maxi cab shuttling employees of private companies in Pallavaram area and to transport people late in the night on the Grand Southern Trunk Road.