tropical meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tropical meaning in tamil is அதி உஷ்ண மண்டலத்திற்குரிய இயல்புடைய, வெப்ப வலயத்திற்குரிய

tropical meaning in tamil with example

tropical tamil meaning and more example for tropical will be given in tamil.
A release said that mango known as the King of Tropical Fruit was plentifully available during the hot season for India produced more than half the total number of mangoes in the world. Besides parasailing on Colva Beach participants trekked in the dense tropical jungle to Dudh Sagar and Kuveshi home to thousands of butterflies and Castle Rock before reaching Bhagwan Mahavir Wild Life Sanctuary. Admiral Prakash said the Indian Navy was one of the first to operate the UAVs out in the sea in a tropical environment where there is heavy rainfall. Nematologist Qudsia Tahseen of Aligarh Muslim University has received a special award for sustained excellence in nematology from the Organisation of Nematologists of Tropical America. Recent research had shown the involvement of Indian and West Pacific oceans in the interannual variability of the Indian monsoon through phenomena known as tropical biennial oscillation and Indian Ocean dipole mode. The ecosystem service value of tropical forests is estimated to be 2007 a hectare while that of the wetlands is 14785 a hectare. Most of the sites are concentrated in biodiversity hotspots with the largest concentration in the Tropical Andes the Caribbean Islands Brazils Atlantic Forest Madagascar Western Ghats and Sri Lanka the report said. Though they are miles away from their warm tropical archipelago they feel they are at home under the hot sun in Visakhapatnam. The captain said the players were fit and fine but coming as they were from tropical countries they found the conditions in Korea a bit difficult.