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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trodden meaning in tamil is மிதிபட்ட

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In an interview to The HolyIndia he relives the rocky path trodden for 41 long years in restoring justice to the innocent animals which he feels they naturally deserved. The CPIM has warned the State Government to watch its steps that are going in the same path trodden by the previous Telugu Desam Party TDP regime. They are a reminder of the fine line trodden by all sportsmen but especially by batsmen whose fortunes can change in a single delivery. Singh was fighting from a nonpolitical platform for the poor and down trodden but now he has come out openly with a political outfit leading the way for a third alternative Mr. I promise you this for you are dear to Me. Sri Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal pointed out in a discourse that though there are many paths for the devout the one trodden traditionally is sure to guarantee the goal. The other righthanded and 33 private and intense a man who has trodden his way to greatness without the helping swig of genius has already overseen a mini renaissance. They have not only deviated from the agenda of welfare of the poor and down trodden but have also set aside the concerns of their party president which is a serious matter he added. Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy released Suvarna Karnataka Darshana a book on the path trodden by the State since its formation 50 years ago in Bangalore on Thursday. Vittalmurthy said it was time for introspection on the path trodden by the State since its formation 50 years ago. She said that their apprehension is that women belonging to the upper castes would corner most of the seats. If their demand for reserving seats for the down trodden women is conceded the chances of the bill being passed would increase.