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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trip meaning in tamil is பயணம்

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To the contrary he also talked about his trip to South Africa and observed that black people were not treated well a point that had eluded several Australian Prime Ministers the MCC the BBC and at one stage the entire English selection committee. Having recently taken my own class on an educational trip by train in the same region I shudder to think what I would have done if those fiends had assaulted my students in a similar way. Beautifully lit up and sans any traffic jams this latest mode of transport seemed to be a hit even with newlyweds many of whom were seen making a trip from West Delhi to have icecream in Connaught Place a trip not quite easily possible in the preMetro days. Talking about this new facility Puran Chauhan recently married and taking the trip with his wife to Connaught Place said We stay in Ramesh Nagar a congested West Delhi locality from where a trip to Connaught Place at this time of the evening is unthinkable. The decommissioned French warship Clemenceaus trip to India for being dismantled does not augur well for the subcontinent. Rashmi Sundaresh Aursang a polio patient has written to President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam about the difficulties she faced during her holiday trip because of the lack of facilities for the disabled in public places. Rashmi said that during her trip she visited other temples and tourist centres and found that they too lack facilities for the disabled. When the bus neared Vellakoil Subramani who was filling the trip sheet and invoice fell from the bus.