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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trial meaning in tamil is ஒத்திகை, நீதிமன்ற விசாரணை

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trial tamil meaning and more example for trial will be given in tamil.
The Web site which went into trial operation on October 1 2005 aims at providing a platform for the departments under the State Council and the provincial autonomous regional and municipal governments across the country to release information on government affairs and provide online services. Nuremburg trials Churchill agreed that a trial for Hitler would be a farce but within weeks both the United States and Russia said they favoured trying Nazi leaders. Kshetrapal said that the 22 crest gates with emergency stoplog gates had been installed at the dam and the trial run of impounding water had been taken up now. Hearing on a writ petition seeking to shift the venue of the Sankararaman murder case trial from the Principal Sessions Court premises in Pondicherry to some other place in the same city has been adjourned by two weeks by the Madras High Court. The rush of onlookers during the trial proceedings coupled with entry restrictions into court premises inconvenienced the over 800 advocates practising there and affected the general daytoday functioning of the court the petitioner said. The case was still in the framing of the charges stage and the entire trial process would take some more months to complete he said and added that if the same situation continued it would lead to law and order problem. The ATP in a bid to spruce up the doubles game had come up with a couple of rule changes 151 scoring system rather 151 which has been on trial for the last few months. Samples of the ore collected from trial points at various places were sent to the Indian Bureau of Mines and Bhaba Atomic Research Centre to determine the nature and commercial viability of the ore.