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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Two persons who claimed to be the owners of the plot of land had earlier put up a shed on the property and had also erected a board saying that trespassers would be prosecuted. Gopal demanded that the former Chief Minister and his partymen be declared trespassers under the Protection of the Rights of Passengers of the Railways. However if he failed to declare the TDP men as trespassers he would pursue it in a court of law making the General Manager of South Central Railway the first respondent and Mr. The trespassers roughed up hospital staff smashed medicine bottles destroyed clinical equipment and assaulted hospital staff. Sivaraman Chennai The three trespassers should be let off with an admonition as they have exposed the holes in the security system. Members of a jury headed by the former Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court Justice M.L. Shrimal observed after hearing 13 cases that a strong will of the State was required to protect the land rights of Dalits and expel trespassers and landgrabbers even by amending the revenue laws if needed. Accordingly 85.62 acres of land had already been restored to 38 original beneficiaries by the district administration by acting against trespassers or those holding assigned lands of original beneficiaries illegally. Stringent action likely With the department taking over the marshland it would be possible to take stringent action against trespassers and those dumping and burning garbage there the officials said.