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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trench meaning in tamil is அகழி, அகழி வெட்டு

trench meaning in tamil with example

trench tamil meaning and more example for trench will be given in tamil.
At many places the trench diggers have uprooted signboards that came their way and left them unattended along roadsides. The forum had taken action on its own in the case of the death of Raj Manjadi a news photographer whose scooter had fallen into an open trench by the side of the road at Vijayamohini junction Pangode on February 17 that year. There was no warning sign near the trench dug by the Kerala State Electricity Board for cabling work except for four iron rods around the trench. Bhaskaran Nambiar had said in his order that it was a very serious matter that a trench dug near a public place was kept uncovered posing a grave threat to the travelling public. Electrocuted Venkatesh 36 who was grazing goats was electrocuted when he accidentally fell into a trench and came in contact with a live electric cable on Bannerghatta Road on Monday. This will be a 50 feet long 5 ft wide and 5ftdeep trench which will then be filled with reactive media in different layers. From the Nizams side delegates to the Round Table Conference including Nawab Sir Hyder Nawaz Jung Bahadur Sir Richard Chenevix Trench and Nawab Mehdi Yar Jung Bahadur witnessed the religious ceremony said to have been performed by the Caliph himself. Drowned Hanumanthappa 55 son of Eranna drowned when he slipped and fell into a waterfilled trench used for construction of a bridge across Yaddaldoddi nallha near Givivar village of Sindhanur taluk on Thursday. Srinivasa Rao for saving the life of a person who had fallen into a rain waterfilled trench dug up to lay the Godavari water pipeline on May 5 2004.