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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trees meaning in tamil is மரங்கள்

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At least 20 trees would be required to generate 15 tonnes of fuel wood making it essential for a person to raise 15 trees around his site before constructing house compensate the tree loss. Town planning department should insist people to grow trees in their site before granting approval for making of houses. However coconut trees are grown on 23664 hectares of land and around 230 million nuts are produced annually. He said to create awareness among the people on preservation of trees and the need for growing more trees awareness meeting would be conducted in all villages in Sathyamangalam forest area. 300 it would be handed over to a SelfHelp Group along with five tree saplings and the group should maintain the trees for three years. Jayarajan president of the association said though under the new system the tax on timber was 12.5 per cent 48 types of trees had been made eligible for tax at four per cent. The timber merchants said that VAT would benefit them only if at least two types of wood silver rock and thanni that were commonly traded at Kallai were included in the list of trees that attracted four per cent tax. The pesticide was applied even in mango trees that they took on contract in villages outside orchards the study report said. There was no future in smearing black ink on dead trees and getting child labour to deliver it on cold mornings. Sujanapal also felt in the afforestation programmes preference should be given to fruit bearing and other trees useful to people rather than trees like acacia and eucalyptus that had been extensively planted.