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The workers including my father who was the head of the group of labourers who went from India were treated with scant regard and they had to undergo a lot of hardship at the plantations she recounts. She said that unlike in other countries cancer is not considered or treated as another disease in India as a person afflicted with the disease is written off. To the contrary he also talked about his trip to South Africa and observed that black people were not treated well a point that had eluded several Australian Prime Ministers the MCC the BBC and at one stage the entire English selection committee. In practical terms 90 per cent of the asbestos will be removed the remainder roughly 22 tonnes will be treated in India by the company Luthra Group under the supervision of Technopure in charge of the decontamination in Toulon... Shree Ram Scrap Vessels Pvt. He said the campaign was intended to create awareness about the provisions of Juvenile Justice Act 2000 as child offenders could not be treated like adult offenders. This reminds one of the way P.V. Narasimha Rao was treated by the Congress after he stepped down as party president. The doctor who sustained injuries was later treated as an outpatient in Government headquarter hospital at Thuckalay. Raja called upon students to dedicate themselves to the cause of defeating the designs of the Sangh Parivar to divide people on communal lines in the name of Hindutva. Education should be treated as a fundamental right. It may be recalled that a letter written by P.C. Rao Judge of the International Tribunal regarding failure of the traffic management was taken on record and treated as writ petition.