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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
treat meaning in tamil is விருந்து உபச்சாரம், பொழுதுபோக்கு நிகழ்வு முதலியவை

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Theatre lovers in Bellary are in for a treat for three days beginning January 2 when Guru Samsthe of Hubli led by wellknown director and actor Yeshwant Sardeshpande will be presenting three dramas as part of the MTR Rangasambhrama 200506. Pradeep said the KSEB had asked the SERC to treat the additional loss expected from the tariff reduction as regulatory asset which meant just postponing the recovery of the amount to a later date. But it was like a treat for as we woke up on the first day of year Gulmarg was covered under a white blanket said Madanjeet a tourist from Delhi. But Erskine May the leading authority on Parliament says it is more convenient to treat expulsions as one of the methods of punishment at the disposal of the House. In addition field coordinators and managers should also take the help of the media to eradicate the social stigma faced by HIVAIDS patients and educate the masses to treat them with love and affection. Medications such as Prozac have been used successfully for years to treat conditions from depression to more serious psychiatric illnesses. Nageswara Rao Visakhapatnam Bribes all the way If I become stinking rich I would give bribes to factory owners to treat toxic wastes from their factories entering rivers and the air. It is a sort of treat to a large number of spectators to see over 5000 Scouts and Guides from different parts of the State assembled at the MBA College grounds the venue of the event in their uniforms. Befesa Construction Technologia Ambiental of Spain along with Chennai Water Desalination Limited has received the Centres nod to undertake desalination of sea water and its purification to make it potable as also treat water for irrigation industrial drinking and other purposes.