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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tray meaning in tamil is தாம்பாளம், சிற்றுண்டி) தட்டு

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The ubiquitous darshini which is an order get token grab your tray and stand and eat kind of place is Udupi gone the fast food way. These buses have a seating capacity of 35 with 22 seats branded Silver Class which have a pullout tray for refreshments as in airconditioned railway coaches. 100 bundles kept in the front of the cash tray but took away four bundles of the higher denomination valued at Rs. A tray full of dung and a bucket full of water is sufficient for a family to take care of its cooking needs for the day say villagers. Ecofriendly tray hand A small ecofriendly tray hand woven from natural bamboo takes about one and a half days to be completed. Rodents are easy prey for snakes but a cobra that felt it could feast on a handful of rats kept in a tray faced stiff resistance and was killed by the rodents. The patients as in the foreign countries should be aware of the right to be fed she says and adds that the image of a dietician as someone who brings food in a tray should change. Simple devices Using a few simple devices a special side tray has been added. The tray allows for carrying a cordless phone an FM radio a walking stick a bell a book a lunch box a flask and water bottle and hanger. Rajamani Project Officer DRDA second from left looking at a tray of cocoons at the seminar in Thanjavur. The Apex Court had also made it mandatory to equip vehicles carrying schoolchildren with first aid boxes fire extinguishers grills on windows school bag tray under the seat and provision for water.