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As a result they had to traverse a distance of six km to transport their produce to the other side of the railway track. On the traditional dance that is performed by villagers before they start paddy cultivation in the month of May Loo a carpenter said his desire to serve the country and the urge to guide the youth to traverse in a right path made him join the NYK. With road laying works getting delayed people find it difficult to traverse on Sivan Theatre Cut Road at Angeripalayam in Tirupur. Seven Sewage Treatment Plants STPs should be set up along the course of the three canals that traverse the city to treat the sewage that is getting discharged every day into the canals says the draft zonal development plan master plan of Vijayawada. The parade will start from Amar Jawan Jyoti outside Sawai Man Singh Stadium and traverse Ambedkar Circle Statue Circle Paanch Batti Mirza Ismail Road and New Gate to finally reach Albert Hall. The pamphlets distributed by the residents said it took more than 90 minutes to traverse the stretch. Santhosh Baboo of the NCC 1 TN Armed Squadron the expedition will traverse over 2000 kilometres over a fortnight touching heartland and hinterland of the State. As far as buses are concerned they can easily traverse the city at a speed of 20 km per hour including the time taken for halts. All those overcrowded jampacked rickety buses traverse the length and breadth of our motherlands hinterland in sweltering heat. Advani would traverse Gujarat Maharashtra Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Haryana and Delhi Mr.