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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
travel meaning in tamil is பயணம்

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Secretary of Tamilaga Vivasayeegal Sangam Munusamy complained that for want of adequate bus service the tribal people of Burgur Thattakarai Madam and other areas had to travel on top of buses to reach Anthiyur shandy every Monday and Tuesday. Despite the differences between taxi operators and travel agents tourism continued to gain throughout the year. Haider said the new train would reduce travel time for passengers who want to travel to or from southern Pakistan as compared to the present arrangements through the Wagah border. To get the service IRCTC officials said passengers had to log on to and book their ticket by selecting eticket in the Plan my travel page. The photo identity card details of any one of the passengers had to be given. Till a decade ago the exercise of sending the cards used to begin a week before the DDay considering the distance the cards should travel to reach the destination. Following the intensive efforts put in by the Mission the Ministry of Interior agreed to reduce the fine to Dhs.1800 per person and allow the employees to travel out of the country Mr. It would probably take some time to sink in that now we are simply riding roughshod over parts of the Capital where the traffic used to crawl till yesterday said Nikhil Agarwal of Rama Park in Uttam Nagar who has to travel for work to Connaught Place. Their travel time to places such as ITO and Connaught Place has been cut down by more than half by the stateoftheart system that promises to change the way Delhi travels.