trash meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trash meaning in tamil is குப்பையாகு,குப்பை

trash meaning in tamil with example

trash tamil meaning and more example for trash will be given in tamil.
IAEA chief Mohammad ElBaradei also acknowledged that the Iran intended to produce enriched uranium on a small scale. Seals were also removed from two other connected sites Pars Trash and Farayand Technique. The cage was kept immersed in the sea at a depth of two metres for a certain period and the lobster seeds were fed with foods such as bivalves and trash fish twice a day to fatten their shells. The committee put together an aid package of Rs.36.8 lakhs for women engaged in making various produce from trash fish. The 57cm tall robot which looks like a trash can and is reminiscent of the small beeping robot in Star Wars has a swivelling camera that protrudes like a periscope enabling it to watch for suspicious changes in the landscape and send photos to a guard Hitachi said on Tuesday. The authorities have to provide adequate number of trash bins and ensure that proper drainages are provided for free flow of sewage. The absence of adequate number of trash bins and lack of imagination in locating them properly might be the reasons but the attitude of those who run the eateries definitely requires some drastic change. In the past when we produced material for particular alliances and the parties shifted their loyalties we had to trash the entire lot says a shopkeeper. With labour being a limiting factor cultivators needed mini harvesters planters and trash balers. The lobsters were periodically fed with green mussels clams and trash fish in appropriate proportion which is essential for its growth.