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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transmitter meaning in tamil is அனுப்பும் கருவி, செலுத்தி

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The programmes from the AIR studios at San Thome will be fed to the transmitter by telephone lines provided for the purpose by the P and T Department. Keskar said it was the third 20 kw transmitter being opened during the financial year as part of AIRs development programme. The opening of the 100 kw shortwave transmitter would help broadcast Tamil programmes from Madras to SouthEast Asia. Light brown 30 centimetres wide and hollowed out to allow a waterproof box to fit snugly inside the rock on Monday took on Gibraltarsized proportions as Russia accused Britain of using it as a covert transmitter to pass messages to agents. For the second Sunday in a row Russian state television showed a lengthy heavily publicised documentary about the socalled spyrock incident in which Russian security services accuse four British diplomats of running a hitech spy ring using a transmitter hidden in a rock. Friday they will stuff an old spacesuit with discarded clothes and a radio transmitter and toss it out the door. The transmitter will send recorded messages in six languages to amateur radio operators for several days before eventually reentering Earths atmosphere and burning up NASA officials said. Operated by the community for the community the network uses a low power transmitter operating at 90.4 MHz to reach out to families on the coast and fishermen at sea. The transmitter and recording studio will be located on the campus of the DC School of Management and Technology DCSMAT at Kazhakuttam.