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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transliteration meaning in tamil is எழுத்துப் பெயர்த்தல், ஒலி பெயர்த்தல்

transliteration meaning in tamil with example

transliteration tamil meaning and more example for transliteration will be given in tamil.
Chithraja Kumar told mediapersons here on Tuesday that though currently there were various Malayalam text editor software available in market these facilitate only transliteration and inscription and enable computer users only to keyin Malayalam alphabets in windows platform. It will also support transliteration in the 10 languages through which a single account sheet can be viewed in different languages. The final work would include a transliteration of the original poetry in the Devnagri script to introduce the sounds of the original to the reader and a prose translation. This transliteration based text editor helps to writing through transliteration typing in Manglish which will appear in Malayalam. Kaveri also features an EnglishMalayalam translation assistant a multilingual keyboard English Malayalam administrative glossary office content management Indic language transliteration and intelligent assistant for repair and live updating. The Indic language transliteration facilitates conversion of documents in Malayalam to other language scripts like Tamil Telugu Kannada and Hindi. Using the transliteration method SMS in Telugu can be sent using the same keyboard available on the mobile phone he said. These include release of an EnglishKonkani dictionary in Kannada script publication of a book on the works and lives of 100 eminent people from the Konkanispeaking community in the 20th century and transliteration of Konkani works in other languages.