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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
translator meaning in tamil is மொழிபெயர்ப்பாளர்

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Annamaria De Pretis a translator from the Khapa Institute for Buddhist Studies in Italy was impressed by the heritage structures and the scenic beauty of the sea from atop the hill. Pasha a grandson of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri alSaid who was deposed and murdered in 1958 worked as a translator and language teacher in addition to being a part of the Baghdad art scene. Her father who wanted to see her married before he died and never thought that she could win such an award has decided never to come in her way said the translator who had accompanied her. And it took the translator of the book Sudhir Dixit to ensure that the magic of the book was not lost in translation. In bringing out the Tamil version the writer translator and publisher had done a service to the Tamil reading public Mr. Though a translator may be proficient in both languages it still takes a conscious effort to remain true to the text. The first time I worked with a literal translator on a play by Chekhov I was astonished by the contrast between the jagged broken roughness of the original and the smooth schoolteacher mellifluousness of most English translations. Though Telugu is the second wellknown language spoken by a large number of people in India after Hindi there is no translator in Lok Sabha for the language. According to translator Sabu Sankar the screenplay was translated after watching and analysing the film. Having completed six levels of German at Max Mueller Bhavan it was only natural that Eserve recruited her as a translator in their credit card section.