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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
translate meaning in tamil is மொழி பெயர்த்தல்

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He expressed hope that the New Year would provide the impetus to translate Keralas development dreams into reality. He said it is necessary to translate Jain literature into English if the values propagated by the religion are to be imparted to the youths. Opening up of the market is good as it will also translate into access for the domestic companies. Dr. Callers have been making enquiries about VCTCs which the official expects would translate into visits to any one of the 25 centres in Chennai. The key challenge for the facilitators was to translate into action the agreement between Colombo and the Tamil to discuss the implementation aspects of the ceasefire agreement. A ceasefire agreement marred by continued killings since December sent an edgy nation into a war psychosis. World is fast changing and in this era of globalisationprivatisation and liberalisation translators particularly journalists have to translate various topics on various areas like economics science and technology and computers.K. Bhaskaran Registrar Tamil University and S. The limited range of the talks does not provide much scope for optimism that a success at Geneva will translate into a readymade recipe for peace. Study more languages Youth should study other languages in depth and translate the literary works of the Sangam era in as many languages as possible. The reason Indias first semiconductor wafer fabrication or fab plant with dual core microprocessor technology with an investment of 3 billion along with an assembly test and mark parking ATMP facility will translate into 36 lakh jobs by 2015.