transistor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transistor meaning in tamil is வானொலிப் பெட்டிக்குள் இருக்கும் சிறிய மின்மப் பொறி

transistor meaning in tamil with example

transistor tamil meaning and more example for transistor will be given in tamil.
Samsung India Electronics on Tuesday launched a series of TFT LCD thinfilm transistor liquid crystal display monitors printers and note PCs targeted at domestic and business segments. Comprising a solar power panel voltmeter ammeter and battery for storage of power the kit includes devices such as calculator transistor radio torchlight a fan and a calling bell. Porters listening to the Rail Ministers budget speech on a transistor set hoping to get some benefit for them in the year ahead at New Delhi station on Friday. Almost two decades after 69 people were killed and 127 injured in a series of transistor bomb blasts across north India a Delhi court has framed charges of murder and attempt to murder against four accused in three of the nine cases connected with the crime. Accused Tarjeet Singh Sarabjeet Singh and Daljeet Singh have been charged with murder of three persons and causing injury to three in Ghaziabad as a result of planting a transistor bomb in May 1985 on a DTC bus.