transient meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transient meaning in tamil is நிலையற்ற, மாறும், கணத்தில் தோன்றி மறைகிற

transient meaning in tamil with example

transient tamil meaning and more example for transient will be given in tamil.
The target groups identified for this drive are religious groups that oppose vaccination politically or socially marginalised populations or minority groups refugees internally displaced persons migrant workers transient populations and communities at the international borders. When the visitors clinched the One Day International series at Multan they showed that the improvement on display against Sri Lanka at home was not a transient phenomenon. This leads to Viveka discrimination and Vairagya dispassion that help one to focus on the eternal and the everlasting rather than the transient and the ephemeral. Stress can cause transient left ventricular dysfunction according to Heart Care Foundation of India president K.K.Aggarwal. Thus even though this entire creation is a transient one Maya all the ever changing elements in it cannot behave haphazardly or at random because Brahman imposes stringent discipline and has a firm control over all the aspects of creation. Yama reiterates that those who recognise the nature of the individual soul and its connection with the eternal order as more important than the transient connection with the world get liberated. But only discrimination between the eternal Atman and the transient universe of experience will lead to wisdom. It is not easy to rid oneself of the illusory effect of this worldly life though one knows it to be transient and full of sorrow. That his growing stature in the world 10metre air rifle arena was no transient tryst with greatness was established by a fourgold haul.