transform meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transform meaning in tamil is உரு மாற்று

transform meaning in tamil with example

transform tamil meaning and more example for transform will be given in tamil.
Rao said the managers had to transform themselves into creative leaders and make Visakhapatnam Steel Plant an innovative organisation. Ayyappa Naidu personnel Chief Vigilance Officer M.K. Das and others advised the VSP collective to rededicate themselves to transform VSP into a worldclass company. Dalits should join hands with other sections like tribals backward classes and Muslims to transform themselves into a majority group so that they could capture power. Swatantra Party model Many political commentators have recently suggested that the only choice left before the BJP is to transform itself into a viable conservative party. Ramdev also invited Ms Karat to join his yoga camp so that her views could transform as pronational. Nayak Chairman and CEO of LVB said the new IT initiative would transform and enhance quality and efficiency of service across rural semiurban and metro locations. The 176 beneficiaries as per the Clubs plans will form the core of the Rotary Community Corps it intends to raise in order to transform villages in several developmental facets particularly in hygiene and enrichment of environment and for undertaking literacy campaigns. Along with several entertaining events that would form part of the threeday event from January 27 hoteliers too will chip in to transform a corner of the Swaraj Maidan PWD Grounds into a potpourri of different flavours in what is being tipped as a feast of gourmet food. Chenga Reddy and Kuthulamma who underscored the need to transform Tirupati into the cultural hub of Andhra Pradesh using its builtin spiritual ambience.