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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transcription meaning in tamil is ஒலி பெயர்த்தல்

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Those who successfully complete the course with the prescribed scores would be considered for placement on contract basis at the Keltron Medical Transcription Centre. If Y2K solutions and call centres were the order earlier today health and legal transcription promised great growth potential. The removal of exemption from tax on the taxable services rendered by call centres medical transcription service firms enterprise resource planning ERP software system service companies and a few other categories has come into force with effect from March 1. Ramachandran told The HolyIndia that all call centres and medical transcription centres providing service to customers in India or receiving payment in Indian rupees were exempted from the service tax with effect from July 2003. The Centre has also decided to withdraw service tax exemption granted to services provided by a call centre or a medical transcription centre. Call centres and medical transcription centres which enjoyed exemptions will now have to pay service tax he said. Certain new services have come under the service tax net from March 1 2006 particularly call centres medical transcription centres management consultants railway catering service catering for hospitals and educational institutions. 151 Staff Reporter Diploma in medical transcription Thiruvananthapuram Keltron has invited applications for a sixmonth diploma course in medical transcription. Nonconventional courses Institutes offering nonconventional courses such as medical transcription have also showcased their course packages.