traitor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
traitor meaning in tamil is தேசத்துரோகிகள், துரோகி

traitor meaning in tamil with example

traitor tamil meaning and more example for traitor will be given in tamil.
Cancer is a traitor within since the factors inside the body that would cause cancer were difficult to be taken care of. Swedish organisations called for the release of Dawit Isaac a SwedishEritrean journalist held in Eritrea since 2001 on charges of being a traitor and spy for Ethiopia. France and Germany were hostile neighbours and the French realised a traitor was selling army secrets to the Germans. The population was obsessed with revenge and suspicious of foreigners and this hatred of the outsider or the other crystallised around the figure of The Jew the quintessential traitor who would sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Before Singh was allowed to escape RAW had after all succeeded in identifying the traitor in its ranks and built up evidence against him. Anyone who disagrees with the armys idea of nationstate is seen as a traitor and political opposition is called antinational. Turkeys press was unanimous in claiming as their own a man whose life in Turkey was largely defined by his being labelled a traitor and an enemy to his country.