training meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
training meaning in tamil is பயிற்சி அளி

training meaning in tamil with example

training tamil meaning and more example for training will be given in tamil.
Inaugurating a computer training centre set up by an SHG at Poomalai commercial complex on the banks of Gopal Samudram tank here on Friday he said top priority has been given to SHG members while allocating the shops in these commercial complexes. Viswanathan disbursing welfare aid to a member of joint forest committee at the inaugural function of a training camp for presidents of JFC held in Dindigul on Saturday. The four LDCs within the SAARC have also to be provided technical assistance by the other three members in training of human resources improvement of the legal system and administration custom procedures and trade facilitation. The guidelines include a welldefined training module for the basic health functionaries who would be involved in the implementation of RCHII. The time has now come for acrosstheindustry integrated security measures including counterterrorism training for our security guards and greater interaction with the Government. Over 60000 personnel of the Assam police will now be able to learn the basics of arms training in Assamese with the force formally introducing a handbook on weapons in Assamese titled Astror Haathputhi and also the Assamese language as a medium of instruction. Dutt who was serving as Director General Civil Defence and Commandant General Home Guard also underwent a training programme of the Indian Police Command Course at West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Training School Wakefield in the United Kingdom. It has incorporated additional material illustrations and a glossary of terms hitherto not found in any weapon training manual as well as a question and answer bank.