tragic meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tragic meaning in tamil is துயர் நிறைந்த

tragic meaning in tamil with example

tragic tamil meaning and more example for tragic will be given in tamil.
In a tragic turn of events Gudiya who shot into the limelight following her remarriage with the Armys Lance Naik Mohammad Arif passed away at the Army Research and Referral Hospital here on Monday. In another accident Koyya Venkatarao who was sleeping in the varandah of a choultry in Seethampet met a tragic death when a quarry lorry lost control and hit an electric pole and overturned hitting the choultry wall throwing the one tonne weight rubbish on him in the early hours of Tuesday. However the company management said that the KSEB officials did not take the precautionary safety measures while working on the 11 K.V line that resulted in the tragic incident. However it is tragic that an innocent man was accidentally shot dead because of his ethnic identity. Ongaloor village shocked The people of Parappuram village near Ongaloor in Pattambi were shocked to hear about the tragic death of their neighbours Theyattil Moideen Kutty and his wife Emmeri Umma in the stampede. Thiruvasagam and added that the college wanted to send a message through the park to the people and institutions the tragic result of poor infrastructure. Mahatma Gandhis tenure in the jail and his interaction with other political prisoners and the tragic Jallianwala Bagh firing also find a place in the exhibition. It was a brave valiant but ultimately tragic effort to get the whale to safety said Leila Sadler scientific officer at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Taking the salute of RPF Waltair Divisional Railway Manager S.V. Arya recalled the tragic incident in which four RPF men had lost lives in a Maoist attack recently.