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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tragedy meaning in tamil is துன்பியல் நாடகம், பெருந்துயரம்

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The final countdown to the brand New Year might stretch a second longer but unlike the gloomy end to last year owing to the tsunami tragedy the Capital this time round was in a mood to celebrate. Our greatest tragedy is that few people today are ready to abide by the words of great souls. Pointing out that Swami Vivekananda had also called for a manmaking religion Mr. This is the tragedy of human existence 151 we all think were butterflies waiting to happen when maybe were concentrating on the wrong creature. Before the tragedy that struck on a Black Sunday the villagers had to either dry the unsold fish or sell them to poultry industries for a throwaway price. Describing the tsunami as a tragedy of immense proportions he said it was compounded by the distances involved and a complete breakdown of economic activities in some places. The recent hooch tragedy in Krishnagiri which claimed six lives brings to light the rampant supply of illicit arrack from Kallupalli village on the Karnataka border. The last years tragedy made us think of having alerts on mobiles and it should be operated by civil administration involving all departments Brig. KSHC chairperson and Kozhikode District Collector Rachana Shah told mediapersons that the committee had received information about the death of three pilgrims in the tragedy at the eastern entrance of Minas Jamarat Bridge near Mecca on Thursday. The tragedy came to light in the morning when the staff of Hotel Monik Place in Nabi Karim got no response despite repeated knocks on the door.