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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tradition meaning in tamil is பாரம்பரியம்,வழமை

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The Chief Minister has also urged the people to uphold the States glorious tradition of unity amity and fraternity. Without a longestablished tradition of such an immunity the attackers would not have dared to commit a mass murder over an issue as trivial as a complaint of theft of a buffalo. I give them feedback after their concerts and encourage them for they are the ones who will carry the tradition forward he says. Kalachakra event is a good opportunity to extend our hospitability to the foreigners coming from different countries and display our tradition of tolerance and peace said Vishnuvardhan Rao a participant. Speaking to presspersons on the first day of his 10day visit to Andhra Pradesh to participate in Kalachakra2006 at Amaravathi in Guntur district the Lama appreciated the efforts of the State Government at making arrangements for keeping alive the Buddhist tradition and culture. The Bhattaraka tradition of South India has not only protected the Jain centres in the South but also ensured good relations between the community members of the North and the South. Also available will be tribal paintings ranging from the Worli tradition to the Gond one and Pithora to Palm leaf painting. There are those who articulate Hindutva purely in terms of a certain cultural primacy of what they perceive to be a timeless unbroken tradition of Hindu culture and civilisation while others propose a more aggressive and threatening version of this ideology. The Kumbalanghi Model Tourism Village project has been planned for preserving and supporting the culture and tradition of the village.