trademark meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trademark meaning in tamil is வர்த்தகச் சின்னம், வர்த்தக அடையாளம்

trademark meaning in tamil with example

trademark tamil meaning and more example for trademark will be given in tamil.
The trademark ICICI and our logo is a wellknown trademark and consumers recognise the trademark ICICI as a source identifier for the services offered by us. The story Article titled For a secure growth of Internet banking and ecommerce in the Business Review section of The HolyIndia on December 26 2005 has a photograph showing the name trademark and screen shots of ICICI Bank website. The writer who created Budugu the Dennis the Menace of Telugu people enlivened the evening with his trademark wit and sarcasm in a written speech read out by a friend. It starts off as a comedy with Kumar doing his trademark act and Bhumika Chawla managing to add a note of seduction to her sweet girl persona. Tantavi a Sanskrit word meaning of the loom is the registered trademark of the National Centre for Textile Design. The Madras High Court in the case of SPS Jayam 137 STC 117 has held that royalty for allowing use of trademark attracts sales tax. Launched on August 15 2005 108 the trademark of Emergency Management and Research Institute EMRI has become a model which every State is trying to replicate. The trademark humility was gone in its place was on view political smugness only too evident in the way he dealt with critical posers on foreign policy the Governments track record in office and the Congress relationship with its allies. The concert had it all 151 the trademark Celtic mythology the whimsical trilling flute the occasional shredding guitar solo and the only accordion in the world that managed to sound cool.