toward meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
toward meaning in tamil is நோக்கி, திக்காக, இடத்திற்கு, சார்பாக

toward meaning in tamil with example

toward tamil meaning and more example for toward will be given in tamil.
Hu also talked about domestic economic and social development in 2006 and policies toward Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan. There were no immediate reports of a tsunami but news of the quake prompted thousands of residents along the coast of Sri Lanka 151 thousands of miles away 151 to flee toward land officials said. Flood relief donation The Easwari Engineering College Valliammal Engineering College and the chairman of the SRM group of institutions contributed Rs. 5.74 lakh toward the Anna University Flood Relief Fund. Sharon fundamentally transformed both Israels policy toward the Palestinians and the internal Israeli political map. Sirleaf saying she had a historic mandate to lead the nation toward a future of lasting peace and stability. Ms. While all the trains toward the north and Karnataka were full about 20000 people were likely to leave Amaravathi for various places in the country on Tuesday by special buses and trains. It has crossed over to Pakistans Balochistan province and may be lurching toward Iran 151 another turf of Balochi subnationalism in a strategic swathe of land with an impressive waterfront facing the Arabian Sea. Thousands of people lined the banks at Albert Bridge in south London to watch the rescue attempt unfold cheering as marine wildlife experts used a crane to haul the 20 ft whale onto the Crossness barge hoping to speed toward the sea. Crowds raced to bridges across London as the barge made its way toward open sea with some spectators leaning over railings and others darting through traffic from one side to the other as the vessel passed underneath.