tow meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tow meaning in tamil is கட்டு இழுப்பு, இழுத்துச் செல்லுதல்

tow meaning in tamil with example

tow tamil meaning and more example for tow will be given in tamil.
Ivan Ljubicic from Croatia Paradon Srichapan Thailand Carlos Moya Spain Radak Stepanek Czech Republic with their family and partners in tow warmed up to a quiet party from 8 30 p.m at the Thai restaurant. Bad weather prevented a Dutch tugboat hired to tow the 265metrelong ship from taking control of the vessel on the high seas. Will they take the risk of paying the hefty transit fee only to be disallowed entry on February 13 in which case they would have to cough up the same amount to tow the ship back to French ports. Also included in the container shipped from Sydney courtesy Peninsular and Orient P O were a sea crane that slings handicapped sailors into the boat and a trailer to tow the above equipment by road. Arif who was standing by the roadside witnessed the police tow away a motorcycle suspected to belong to one of the eve teasers. The weapon system was flight tested at 12.30 p.m. against a pilotless target aircraft Lakshya and its tow body which was trailing behind at a distance of 1.5 km at the Interim Test Range ChandipuronSea. Their efforts have received a boost with their getting a crane to tow vehicles parked violating the regulations. While merchants from the Middle East and Pakistan are among the most visible on this particular morning a few dozen Indians 151 local interpreters in tow 151 are also busy snapping up quantities of goods. The State Government has written to the Ministry of Shipping to depute a committee of experts to help in finalising the bidder to tow away the dilapidated vessel M.V. River Princess off north Goas coastal tourist belt without causing damage to the coast.