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Modern torpedoes and mines with the capability to detect targets from long ranges using advanced technologies are being developed by the Visakahapatnambased Naval Science and Technological Laboratory NSTL. NSTL director V.Bhujanga Rao who took charge on April 1 told reporters here on Wednesday that lightweight antisubmarine torpedoes developed by the laboratory were being inducted into the Navy which had placed orders for 25 of them with Bharat Dynamics Limited. Significant progress With the successful development of lightweight torpedoes 200 kg which have enough speed to chase and hit a submarine India has become only the eighth country to make them. Dr.Bhujanga Rao said the NSTL had made significant progress in the development of heavyweight torpedoes of 1500 to 1700 kg which carry 200 kg of highenergy explosives. He said that several weapon counter measures such as decoys to thwart the enemy torpedoes were also being developed. Now it has stateoftheart radio communication gadgets sonar radar and modern longrange torpedoes in its armoury. Amba with a displacement of 8016 tonnes could cruise at a maximum speed of 17 knots and it has two tubes torpedoes and two 76.2 mm guns. It has the ability to detect enemy vessels while being underwater and also fire torpedoes or missiles Dr. The Naval Science and Technological Laboratory in Visakhapatnam will shortly place the nation in the elite group of countries that design and develop torpedoes with thermal technology. Faster and sleeker He said Right at this moment I can say that these torpedoes will be faster sleeker and stealthier.