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Their individual styles is something like chalk and cheese but they combined well to torment the Pakistanis. It is indeed a sport that subjects the bull to unnecessary torment and holds mortal danger to the contestants and spectators alike. Bad roads torment Mogappair residents Roads in Mogappair seem to suffer a curse of ever remaining in a bad condition. Muralitharan in probably his last tour to England came up with a brilliant spell to torment the rival batsmen. Nightmare continues This was torment for Spain to endure. BEYOND THE sympathy it evokes for a fine longharassed people Balochistans continuing torment underlines profoundly disturbing issues regarding both Pakistans nationhood and our own 151 issues sharpened in our case by Malegaon. Little wonder then with all the running to do Tierro called for the doctor when his knees began to torment him. Makhaya Ntini Shaun Pollock Andre Nel and Jacques Kallis with his allround ability will be back to torment the Indian lineup after a brief respite in the Twenty20 game. Even though it is proved that Kannan is not affected by AIDS society continues to torment the little boy. For me watching Warne turn the ball and torment the batsman is a big part of what crickets all about. Though she had repaid the entire sum along with interest in the presence of neutral witnesses and the official too had given a nodue certificate to her he continued to torment her she said. The MP who attended the House after spending 11 days in the Gorakhpur jail wept while narrating his experience at the hands of the State Government alleging that it was out to malign and torment me.