topple meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
topple meaning in tamil is தலைகீழாக விழுதல்

topple meaning in tamil with example

topple tamil meaning and more example for topple will be given in tamil.
Giving a detailed account of the phone tapping Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav termed it as a conspiracy to topple his government. 3 Lleyton Hewitt ousted in the second round Roddick was considered the top contender to topple favourite Roger Federer. The BJP began its conspiracy to topple the CongressJanata Dal S Government within six months of N. She claimed she had the support of so many BJP MLAs that she could topple Shivraj Singh Chauhan government but did not wish to place the heavy financial burden of a midterm poll on the exchequer. The CPIM had right from the beginning tried to topple the allotment of Aralam farms land to the Adivasis he alleged. With four more rounds to go in the 13day tournament the Indian would be going all out hoping to topple current combined leader Alexander Morozevich. An accidental nudge by a passing vehicle could topple both the arch and the streetlight says an official. The BJP leader cited the former United States Ambassador to India Daniel Patrick Moynihan as having mentioned two occasions on which the Central Intelligence Agency paid money to the Congress 151 first in 1959 to topple the Communist Government in Kerala and in 1969 when the Congress split. Manoharan Pillai said the corporation formed 30 years ago was still facing teething troubles and alleged that a section of Indian Forest Service officers had tried to topple the various development schemes proposed by him. The South Koreans might make it to the last 16 by beating Switzerland and newcomer Togo but shouldnt be strong enough to topple group favourite France.