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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
toothpaste meaning in tamil is பற்பசை

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The estuary has a vast deposit of seashells which is used to produce poultry feed toothpaste and lime. Every street in Guntur is today littered with empty sachets of gutkhas nut powder shampoo oil chocolates or toothpaste with the municipal corporation failing to curb indiscriminate use and disposal of plastics despite a High Court order. Major towns of the State are being covered under the scheme where a special health and hygiene kit comprising of a comb soap oil toothpaste and brush as well as a school readiness kit containing a uniform bag tiffin pencil box stationary and footwear would be provided to each child enrolled. Sukuki collects the waste paper after weighing and recording the quantity which is then sent to ITC to be recycled as toothpaste covers writing paper etc. Only 61 per cent mothers used toothpaste to brush their childs teeth 44 per cent of the children consumed sweet food twice or more in the day and 77 per cent consumed sugary beverages many times in a day. Its not healthy for any culture and change is not in itself bad she says energetically during an early morning conversation at the washbasin when this correspondent is still bleary eyed and busy squeezing out toothpaste on to a waiting brush. The company also assigned its brand Forhans Toothpaste and Toothpowder manufactured in the premises and its knowhow to John Oak Remedies Pvt. On the occasion the SJM also released pamphlets in Telugu which highlight the harmful effects of the soft drinks and also how in the United States toothpaste companies are required to print the composition prominently on the tubes.