toothbrush meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
toothbrush meaning in tamil is பல் துலக்கும் தூரிகை

toothbrush meaning in tamil with example

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A twoyearold girl recovering after the surgical removal of a toothbrush in picture that got lodged in her throat in Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday. A CT scan revealed the toothbrush head that had lodged near the tonsils on the lateral wall of the pharynx. The beneficiaries were given medicines toothbrush and tooth powder besides guidance on oral hygiene and diet. The level of abatement from the retail sale price MRP in respect of these goods is Parts components and assemblies of automobiles any heading 151 33.5 per cent plant growth regulators 3808 30 40 151 30 per cent and toothbrush 9603 21 00 151 28.5 per cent. The beneficiaries were given a health check medicines and diet guidance besides toothbrush and tooth powder. The toothbrush was made of fibreglass and not plastic and hence Xray investigations could not reveal whether the missing piece was lodged in the childs cheek.