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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tomato meaning in tamil is தக்காளி

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The onset of summer means the tomato crop becomes vulnerable to the leaf curl virus with its whitefly vector Bemisia tabaci. At the training workshop on tackling tomato leaf curl disease and whitefly which was inaugurated on Monday by John Colvin project coordinator University of Greenwich U.K. Horticulture Minister R. The victims were identified as Rudhresh 22 driver of a lorry transporting tomato from Bangalore to Tirunelveli and Senthil Kumar 32 driving green peas laden lorry from Tuticorin to Salem. Srinivas said the Government will procure tomato at a minimum support price if the price crashes below Re. But this proposal is not scientific for the cost of production of one kg of tomato is not less than Rs. By making such a statement the Government made it clear that it will not extend the benefit of minimum support price to tomato growers a buyer said. The CPI leader alleged that the State Government had miserably failed to ensure market intervention leaving the tomato growers to the mercy of market vagaries. The Government remained a passive spectator even as the tomato prices fell to an alltime low of 10 paise per kg in Kurnool district. Dessert from the south Breakfast dishes such as Hare Moong ka Chilla and Tomato Omelette will be served. To begin with the laboratory will analyse preservation techniques for four horticultural crops banana onion tomato and mango. Mallappa a farmer from Ghat Boral said he was considering switching over to other crops after selling tomato at 50 paise a kilogram in the Bidar market on Thursday.