tolerant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tolerant meaning in tamil is பொறுமையான, விரிந்த எண்ணங்கொண்ட

tolerant meaning in tamil with example

tolerant tamil meaning and more example for tolerant will be given in tamil.
Blessed with a very tolerant father who till today isnt very fond of animals I dropped out of Chemistry Honours at St. The Balochis tolerant and progressive version of Islam like Gandhis ecumenical Hinduism provides an alternative to the obscurantism and violence of the likes of Taliban and AlQaeda. We were a liberal and tolerant people until the 1990s when we suddenly awoke to find that for the first time in our history we had a significant minority group living among us. Both the U.S. and India have many things in common the fundamental principle of democracy which governs the two nations civil control over the military and a diverse and tolerant population. The universal concept of being tolerant and broadminded is an example of the common thread running across the scriptures of various faiths the book explains. Having a positive attitude being more tolerant to shortcomings in yourself and others and being cheerful enough to enjoy a laugh at your expense often works better than many blood pressure medications physicians say. According to the study there is a larger number of persons tolerant about intercaste marriages the overall figure being 26.5 per cent. While the police were patient all these days being tolerant of drag racing as a sign of youthful high spirits a spate of accidents and complaints from others on the roads are believed to have prompted them to take a tougher stance now. Hindu society and religion are remarkably relaxed and tolerant about sexual practices of human beings as well as of their gods and goddesses.