tolerance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tolerance meaning in tamil is சகிப்புத் தன்மை

tolerance meaning in tamil with example

tolerance tamil meaning and more example for tolerance will be given in tamil.
Located at Ayanambakkam and connected by dusty roads K.R.R. Engineering fabricated the safety vessel dished end for the 500 Mwe PFBR project within the tough tolerance norms. Kalachakra event is a good opportunity to extend our hospitability to the foreigners coming from different countries and display our tradition of tolerance and peace said Vishnuvardhan Rao a participant. Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Monday said that India was a model for the entire world given its tolerance and being home to myriad traditions religions and faiths. Saasanam is an emotional drama depicting relationships and values and of the tolerance and loyalty that women display. There cannot be any tolerance for residual support from the Pakistani establishment to terrorist outfits. The study selected over 500 people with impaired glucose tolerance IGT from around 11000 screened for diabetes. Discipline meant all of us have to practise the values of honesty sincerity and tolerance in our daytoday living. King Abdullah said Islamic universities have the great responsibility of teaching compassion tolerance and harmony to youth who should imbibe Islamic virtues. A glucose tolerance test must be made the first time a pregnant woman presented herself to the gynaecologist for checkup. Mahaboob Basha Adoni A.P. It is a pity that those who boast of being the advocates of religious tolerance have gone to the provocative extent of tarnishing Prophet Muhammed. Having said that the need for informed debate on various issues including religious beliefs and lack of them cannot be belittled and needs cultivation of more tolerance allround.