together meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
together meaning in tamil is ஒன்றாய், ஒன்றாக

together meaning in tamil with example

together tamil meaning and more example for together will be given in tamil.
The Government collapsed following the disintegration of the coalition which the BJP had cobbled up together to continue in power. Terming eyewash the assertion by the Congress and the JDS that they had forged an alliance after the Assembly elections with an intention of keeping the BJP out of power he said both parties have come together just for the sake of power and this was exemplified during the panchayat elections. Even if the Congress and the Janata Dal S come together along with the independent they still cannot stake claim for the key posts as they do not have the simple majority of 10 seats in the 18member body. Chennais IT sector honchos are putting their heads together to evolve a common security platform which will bring together all players. Twentyfive Tibetan students came together and mobilised whatever resources they could to organise a cycle rally with the theme on human rights in their land. Karunakaran exhorted everyone to come together and overcome the problems experienced during 2005 and forge ahead. Watch it to see that without being able to reproduce the magic of Sarfarosh Matthan can still put together an engaging film. Employment He told reporters at a New Year Eve get together on Saturday that a minimum of 100 days employment would be provided during the Summer season to each of the enrolled labourer family. Audiovideo technologies and communication technologies are coming together 151 thanks to the unifying power of the infotronics and digital technology.