tobacco meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tobacco meaning in tamil is புகையிலை

tobacco meaning in tamil with example

tobacco tamil meaning and more example for tobacco will be given in tamil.
K.N. Subramanian a farmer who was present urged the State Government to lift the ban on chewing tobacco as many farmers in the district raised tobacco and they were not able to market the same. The Confederation of Indian Farmers Association has expressed concern over the debilitating impact the illegal entry of foreign cigarettes was causing on tobacco farmers in the country. The confederation has urged the MPs to pressure the Union Government to take steps to arrest the illegal entry of foreign cigarettes in the country which was affecting the tobacco growers in the State. Cigarettes should be kept out of value added tax VAT to help tobacco farmers of the country he said. Karnataka is among the leading tobacco growers in the country and Mysore accounts for a lions share in the States tobacco production. Bachchans help to legally deal with the real culprits behind the adcampaign. He suggested that the star appear in the media to condemn the tobacco menace. Eager to reduce the use of tobacco on the campus the Universitys Campus Development Committee CDC at its recent meeting had floated a proposal to request kiosk owners in the campus to shift to selling products other than tobacco. While the student community itself is believed to be divided on the issue with some political outfits supporting a complete ban on sale of tobacco on the campus and others strictly opposing it the University itself seems to have decided to take the safer way out. During interrogation Yunis allegedly revealed that on December 16 last year he and his accomplices visited a factory of the Indian Tobacco Company at Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh to conduct a reconnaissance.