thought meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
thought meaning in tamil is எண்ணம்

thought meaning in tamil with example

thought tamil meaning and more example for thought will be given in tamil.
Yes I doubt if I couldve achieved as much if I had become a doctor I had an opportunity to train in England and I thought a medical seat was worth sacrificing for that said Vimal who was in Kozhikode to watch the National junior badminton championship recently. If you thought it was yet another show of a similar nature to be telecast in the idiot box shortly you are mistaken. Debesh Das President of the Sammelan in his speech referred to the historic ties between Bengal and South India not only in the realm of thought and religion but in the field of politics. Meanwhile Ukrainian leaders said they would continue taking Russian gas from Europebound pipelines because they thought Gazproms move was unfair. Bangarappa said that beauty of the Indian cultural milieu was that it allowed all shades of thought and practices not only to exist but also grow with the people maintaining their own cultural linguistic and regional identities. Although the massacre was not directly related to the casteequations in the village the perpetrators all Yadavs apparently thought their dominant status in the social hierarchy gave them immunity from the law. Here again unintended distortions could take place in the market unless there is a well thought out scheme which requires such divergence on account of other factors. Besides TRAI has called for a complete shift in the manner of allocating spectrum. There is a school of thought that burgeoning indiscipline stems from the soft attitude of the federation.