testimonial meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
testimonial meaning in tamil is நன்நடத்தை நற்சாட்சிப் பத்திரம்

testimonial meaning in tamil with example

testimonial tamil meaning and more example for testimonial will be given in tamil.
Ireland midfielder Keane 34 who joined Celtic in January after more than twelve and a half years and close to 500 games for United was given a fitting send off by the Manchester fans in a testimonial match won 10 by the home team. Arsenal inaugurated its new stadium with a 21 victory over Ajax on Saturday and bid farewell to its longtime Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp with a testimonial match. Praise for stadium If ever I was going to have a testimonial it was always going to be against Ajax. He said peaceful conduct of elections to municipalities local bodies and gram panchayats stands as a testimonial to successful policing.