testify meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
testify meaning in tamil is சான்று கூறு

testify meaning in tamil with example

testify tamil meaning and more example for testify will be given in tamil.
But the history of mankind continues to testify to some constant and unchanging ideals one of which is the concept of justice predicated upon humanitarian considerations. The Indian Supreme Courts Monitoring Committee on Hazardous Waste had access to Technopures documents when the company agreed to testify before it on January 6. The retrial was marked by much court room drama with Zahira her mother and sister Sahira refusing to testify along with her brothers Nasibullah and Nafitullah. Fastows decision to work with Federal investigators including his decision not to testify at his wifes trial. Punishing her will vitiate the entire justice deliverance system and even the few who come forward to testify will shy away. I know that there will be hearings on Capitol Hill and the Administration will be very happy to testify in those hearings. His trenchant critique of a system of education which pays no attention to the childs nature and kills imagination early continues to testify that he knew how terrible the crisis of unreformed education was. Labourers testify The labourers who had worked in the construction of a middle school building in Girwar testified that the entire work had been done through contractors who had brought labourers from outside the panchayat. Clement Chennai It is true that the movie is a work of fiction and the disclaimer will testify to that. Mandela prevailed helping to shunt the Government into taking the crisis more seriously but several commentators testify to his roasting by Mr.