terrorism meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
terrorism meaning in tamil is தீவிரவாதம் , பயங்கரவாதம்

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Ramanathan New York POTA has been abolished so it is time to introduce a suitable law against terrorism soon. K.S. Ravichandran Coimbatore T.N. It is a mistake if not a blunder to think that countering terrorism is just the job of the police. The kind of attention that was paid to curb naxalism was not being given to tackle this type of terrorism and accused the Government of pursuing votebank politics. If the armament manufacturers and dealers encouraged terrorism disturbing the peace of the world drug manufacturers troubled the people by providing them various medicine that affect the body structure he said. Yoga and pranayama had the power to wipe out terrorism from the face of the earth and he was striving to spread the message so that more people take up yoga. Peter Flugel of the Centre for Jain studies in the University of London is of the view that it is difficult to combat terrorism through ideals of any religion as they are understood and practised by very few people across the world. He said that terrorism in general was a problem and it was being addressed symptomatically without getting to the roots. He said that injustice poverty deprivation and inequality led to terrorism and it should be fought at that level and not just fight the symptoms. He adds Whatever spin one puts on this incident it is clear that it is big for Bangalore and even bigger for us in the IISc... Blogger Ravikiran says ... this kind of terrorism is the most difficult to combat. BJP district unit President Pratapsimha Nayak said in a release that the UPA Government has withdrawn the Prevention of Terrorism Act which it said has allowed terrorist organisations to train youth.