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It said that under the policy States and Union Territories should have put in place separate policies but so far none had come out with a policy. In recent years the Zapatistas have kept to themselves focused on setting up alternative local government structures in the territories they control. An air of political uncertainty hangs over the Palestinian territories with radical Islamic group Hamas posing a serious challenge to the mainstream Fatah party and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hinting that the parliamentary poll could be postponed. Also the Value Added Tax VAT should be implemented in all States and Union territories while the Central Sales Tax CST should be reduced to 2 per cent from April 1 followed by its complete phasing out from April 1 2007. He said at Kuala Lumpur on January 11 that he had discussed this with the Chief Minister of Malaya before his departure for London and added that he considered that for the future welfare of both the territories they should be united soon. But the law which sailed almost unnoticed through Frances centreright dominated parliament in February 2004 has been increasingly criticised by residents of overseas territories such as Guadeloupe or Martinique. The Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to the Centre all the States and Union Territories to examine the scope and powers of the States to allot houses to former Chief Ministers Ministers and other functionaries. They usually avoid dense forest canopies and prefer to be in the sundrenched territories where there is an abundance of grains seeds and insects to feed.