terrible meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
terrible meaning in tamil is கொடுமையான, கொடூரமான

terrible meaning in tamil with example

terrible tamil meaning and more example for terrible will be given in tamil.
At this moment more people in the West are antimaterialistic than those in India. Describing the terrorist attack on the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore as a terrible event Dr. On my first day as a trainee at The Times many years ago I was warned by an old hand that I was making a terrible mistake. It has been arguing in favour of allowing the ship to enter Alang without considering the terrible impact it would have on the workers health. Nominated for the Oscar Besides being an effective flashback of the terrible atrocities that were all but ignored by the rest of the world it is also a great movie. I suffer from terrible fatigue the constriction and pain in my lungs results in insufficient oxygen for the body and the heart has suffered strain as a result. The terrible impact of neoliberal economics is reminiscent of the slump of the 1930s that brought revolution to many countries of Latin America. So terrible was the accident that passersby had turned their faces away on seeing his body in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. As a human rights campaigner I have visited countless countries where people suffer terrible abuses. Coming from a man apparently bent on building a nuclear bomb how does he expect all that to sound to Jewish ears except like a warning of a terrible calamity to come. Referring to the events after the partition of India in 1947 he said The most terrible thing about the emigrations and conflicts which came after partition was the sense of inner failure we had that all we stood for and all for which Mahatma Gandhi had fought was forgotten.