termination meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
termination meaning in tamil is தீர்முனைப்பு

termination meaning in tamil with example

termination tamil meaning and more example for termination will be given in tamil.
Expulsion results in automatic termination of the term of the MP as was held by the Election Commissioner about Mrs. Many couples who have gone for medical termination of pregnancy the first time have had to struggle later to have a baby. If a regularized officer were involved in such an incident the maximum punishment would be termination from service. The beneficiaries will receive Rs 2000 in the form of cheque for delivery spontaneous abortion or medical termination of pregnancy he said adding that there was no need to produce birth certificate for availing monetary benefits under the scheme. RPG Enterprises had started the rebranding exercises with termination of the joint venture with the Hong Kongbased Dairy Farm International. Stating that everything had been done in line with the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Delhi Assembly Speaker Chaudhary Prem Singh has upheld the termination of Congress MLA Kiran Walias membership from the Public Accounts Committee PAC of the Assembly. In the instant case our rules are very much clear and clear cut provisions have been provided for termination of membership from committees and filling up of casual vacancies it stated. The Southern Railway had announced that it was contemplating termination of MG trains from Coimbatore to DindigulMadurai via Pollachi and Udumalpet at Podanur from February. Moreover the university has not announced the commencement and termination dates of teaching segments during a semester landing the students in trouble.